Would it cost me more if I transact with a Real Estate Salesman/ Broker?

     From a Project Selling development transacting or dealing with a Real Estate Salesman/ Broker would not cost you at all.
     Some developer's have a standard or common price list of their inventories and it is not dependent to whom you are  buying it from.    Whether you are buying it from a broker or you transact directly to their office the price of their product will just be the same.
     How about discounts?  As a buyer you can avail of discounts offered by the developer.  Now your discount will be dependent on the manner or  terms of your  payment you are going to use, i.e. spot cash, deferred cash, full down payment, etc. this discounts if applicable will be automatically deducted from your payments by the developer regardless you transact with a Broker or not.
     Home buyers or investors should not shy away from Real Estate Salesman/ Broker for their Real Estate need.  It is a misconception to think that dealing with them would be an added cost to your Real Estate transaction or purchased.
     So, the next time you are invited to an "Open House" for a simple viewing by your Real Estate Salesman/ Broker let him do you a service.  The service that he is trained to do and willing to do just for you.

                                                                                       by: AM GOMEZ

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