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December 30, 2010 114th Anniversary of Dr. Jose P. Rizal Martyrdom

Rizal Monument at Luneta Park

Considered to be the "Pride of Malayan Race" Dr. Jose P. Rizal continued to inspire every freedom loving Filipino of love of country, THE PHILIPPINES.   His two great writing's Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo sparks the heart and mind of the Filipino people for freedom which lead to the uprising against Spain and eventually lead to his death by musketry.

The youth of today should always remember the ultimate sacrificed Dr. Rizal made.  He emphasized education as the ultimate weapon of every Filipino against any form of tyranny, the economic hardship, ignorance, colonial mentality are some form of tyrants that Filipino's need to be free off in order to feel the true freedom that he ( Dr. Rizal ) dream for every Filipinos.

                                                                                                         - AM Gomez

Due Diligence What?

When we are serious in buying a certain Real Estate property we usually ask for documents related to it like title, tax declaration, lot plan, etc. And after securing a copy of these documents what would you do next?
     For a "competent" Licensed Real Estate Broker he would conduct a due diligence work on the property you are selling or buying.

1. Always ask for a written authorization to verify the documents of the property from the SELLER/OWNER for you to secure "certified true copy" from concern government agency.  Comes with the authorization is a photocopy of any government issued IDs of the SELLER/OWNER.

2. If the owner is out of the country SELLER/OWNER should issue a Special Power of Attorney.     - Make sure that the Special Power of Attorney is specific and consularized     - Verify the authenticity of the SPA with the concern government agency

3. Secure clearance from the Homeowners Association if the property…

Would it cost me more if I transact with a Real Estate Salesman/ Broker?

From a Project Selling development transacting or dealing with a Real Estate Salesman/ Broker would not cost you at all.
     Some developer's have a standard or common price list of their inventories and it is not dependent to whom you are  buying it from.    Whether you are buying it from a broker or you transact directly to their office the price of their product will just be the same.
     How about discounts?  As a buyer you can avail of discounts offered by the developer.  Now your discount will be dependent on the manner or  terms of your  payment you are going to use, i.e. spot cash, deferred cash, full down payment, etc. this discounts if applicable will be automatically deducted from your payments by the developer regardless you transact with a Broker or not.
     Home buyers or investors should not shy away from Real Estate Salesman/ Broker for their Real Estate need.  It is a misconception to think that dealing with them would be an added cost to your Real Estate…

Sense and Style in the city's cosmopolitan hub..the Lerato by ALVEO

the Lerato in Malugay Street Bel-air Makati City

Total land area- 9,813 sqm.
- 3 residential towers
- 2 levels of retail experience

Tower 1
Turn over Date      2nd Quarter of 2015
Total no. of units...540
Unit type
- Studio                 420 units
- 1 Bedroom         120 units
18 units per floor
- 14 studio units
- 4 one bedroom units
No. of residential floors    30
No. of parking floors          6
2 Fire Exits
3 Elevators
- 2 passenger elevators
- 1 service elevator

Accessible via-
- EDSA thru Buendia, Ayala Ave.
- SLEX thru Buendia, Malugay
- Proximity to Schools, Hospitals, Commercial establishments
- Near Corporate offices along Ayala Avenue, Salcedo and Legazpi Village

- Good investment value by virtue of location, brand and price

AVIDA Towers New Manila "City is your neighborhood!"

AVIDA Towers New Manila

Located along Col. B. Serrano in Quezon City (near Camp Crame)  Avida Towers New Manila makes you highly accessible through major public transportation's like the MRT with EDSA a few steps away.  Conveniently located near the Commercial Business District of San Juan, Ortigas, Makati and Cubao.
Avida Towers New Manila is service and maintained by Ayala Property Management Corporation (APMC) making its residents safe and secure 24 hours a day.
Available units are studio, one and two bedrooms with a floor area ranging from 20 sqm. - 55 sqm.   Each Tower have its own main lobby, 2 elevator units, mailbox for each unit, drying cages for each unit and adequate emergency power.  With community amenities and services like clubhouse, adult and kiddie swimming pool, children's playground, centralized water supply and outdoor gym.

For interested buyers call: 0919-4174862/ 221-8183 Beng

2011 Philippines Real Estate Forecast

This year we have seen and noticed a lot of projects in Real Estate, launching of new projects, ground breaking and constructions from various vertical and horizontal development.
     2011 would remain to be a challenging but promising in Real Estate sector particularly in the South areas like Batangas, Laguna, Quezon and Cavite to be followed by East areas like Rodriguez (Montalban), Antipolo, Angono, Cainta and Taytay.
     Developers, investors and buyers should focus their attention on these areas because of various and several reason's that would be both beneficial to them as well as to their clients or end users.  It offers a vast area of raw lands for future development.  And it's close proximity to Mega Manila's Commercial Business District (CBD) area like Makati, Taguig, Pasay, Ortigas, San Juan, Mandaluyong and Manila.
     While South projects would encounter some rejection because of the "toll fee" issue to some this is a positive thing since pr…

Victoria House Model at Eastwood Residences by Verdantpoint Development Corporation

Victoria House Model

This Victoria house model by Verdantpoint Development Corporation is located at Eastwood Residences in Barangay San Isidro, Rodriguez, (Montalban) Rizal.  
It is a two storey single detached house unit standing on a minimum required lot area of 119 sqm. it has a total house floor area of 84 sqm. with 3 bedrooms and 2 toilet & bath, its terrace located on the second floor will serves as a carport.

In House Financing Scheme:
TCP                                                   :       Php. 2, 214, 300.00
Discount                                           :                       40,000.00
Net TCP                                            :                2, 174,300.00
20% Downpayment                         :                     434,860.00
80% Balance                                     :                 1, 739,440.00
Mo. Amortization (10 years)          :                       32,789.47


Justice to all the victims of Maguindanao massacre! (11/23/2009)

The whole world were shocked when images and videos of the massacre at Maguindanao were shown on television and internet.  What was even more shocking was that the perpetrators or murderers were allegedly men in uniform our so called "civilian protectors".  The victims were all civilians women and journalist from different media group.

It was a planned killing they even prepared a "back hoe" which they have used to cover up their murders.
"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"!  The national government through the initiative of Department of Justice (DOJ) and other agency concern like Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) must prosecute and bring the perpetrators of this crime behind bars.  With this it can show and prove to the victims family, the Filipino people and to the global community that here in the Philippines even though "slow"…

Why is it necessary to "hire" the services of a Real Estate Broker in buying or selling a Real Estate Property?

In other countries like U.S., Canada, Germany, England, Japan, Malaysia, etc. Real Estate Broker/ Salesman and REALTORS(R)  plays a major role in the buying and selling of Real Estate property of their citizenry.

To Filipino's aside from automobile, Real Estate or house and lot is the first on their mind or list whenever financial investment would be ask.  Specially almost all Filipino OFW dream of buying a piece of property for their family.  However, sometimes because of eagerness to buy they just simply tend to purchase(d) any property which has a "FOR SALE" sign on it.  This is specially true to those first time home buyers.  Without consulting any advice from a Licensed Real Estate Broker they would sometimes have a bad experience in the end, instead surprising their family or love one of their "dream home" he now faces a lot of problems.

Here are some reasons why it is necessary for you to hire the services of a Real Estate Broker;
- R.A. No. 9646 or Real…

How To Transfer Land Title in the Philippines? Part 1

It is sad to note that here in the Philippines "some"  buyers/investors of real estate property(ies) would have it secondary to transfer their name(s) in their title for different reason(s).  Some says that they would have it (property) only as investment that they would ask the new buyer to transfer it to avoid tax obligation (CGT) on their part.  Well, that is another story for us to discuss later.  However, some first time real estate buyers think that when they paid the property it is instantly in their name or that the transfer of title was part of their contract or sale.It is very important to note that one of the best evidence of ownership is being the first one to registered the sale in the Registry of Deed, while the other two are possession on the property and having to show the oldest & valid title of the property.

Here are some basic steps in transferring Title in your name;
 - Prepare the following documents
     - Notarized Deed of Sale or other instr…

Beauty and Intelligence by E. GANZON INC. & PARTNERS

South Insula Timog Avenue                
West Insula West Avenue
Condominiums South and West Insula are both located in commercial business district of Quezon City.  It offers residential and commercial unit for sale ranging from 32 sqm - 145 sqm..  Price start at Php.2.8 Million up to Php.10 Million  for a corner unit which gives you 84.10 sqm. of unit space and a spectacular view of city life during the evening.  With in-house, bank and Pag- IBIG financing available to buyers, having a unit to any or both Insula will be a reality.  Turn over date of both condominiums by E. Ganzon Inc. & Partners is December 2011.
For a schedule viewing of model unit call: 221-8183/ 0919-4174862 Beng


hotel vida
Widus International Leisure Inc.

The WVC Serviced Residences Program is a full-serviced apartment program wherein members have the right to occupy 1 unit of the hotel and use it and its facilities until the expiry of their membership on October 2056, subject to renewal for another 25 years upon mutual agreement. As a member, you get the option of enrolling your respective units in the WVC RENTAL PROGRAM and earn profit.
Unit Prices:*
                  Unit Type                              Garden View                              Pool View
     Hotel Twin 29.5 sqm.                  Php.2,655,000.00                         Php.2,699,250.00
     Studio         43.5 sqm.                  Php.3,915,000.00                         Php.3,980,250.00
     1 Bedroom  57.5 sqm.                 Php.5,175,000.00                         Php.5,261,250.00
     Suite           73.0 sqm.                  Php.6,570,000.00                         Php.6,679,500.00
     2 Bedroom 87.0 sqm.       …

CONDO OR HOUSE? by Manila Prime Land Holdings Inc.

Three Storey Unit
Sample Computation:

Floor Area: 186 sqm.

Price:                           Php. 12,090,000.00
Reservation Fee:                Php. 50,000.00
30% Equity Less RF:    Php. 3,577,000.00
70% Balance:               Php. 8,463,000.00
Payable in 36 months:   Php. 235,083.34

Additional Miscellaneaus Costs: Php. 342,475.00

Sentosia Condominiums

A new Condo-Housing Concept. It is the first condominium-housing concept in the Philippines. It is your chance to co-own part of the 1.7 hectare prime land located in this fast-developing commercial area within the vicinity of Macapagal Avenue, the road next to Manila Bay in Pasay City in the Philippines.

A Condo, A House, A Home. Nothing compares to a home where everything is within reach - restaurant, retail stores, gasoline stations, banks, airport, museums, churches, and the future entertainment city - plus a gentle sea breeze, the world famous Manila Bay sunset, and cleaner air. SM Mall of Asi…

Experience The Good Life at Eastwood Residences Montalban of Verdantpoint

BIANCA House Model Available thru Pag-IBIG Fianacing

                                                             Vicinity Map

Bianca Model
Lot Area: 63 sqm.
Floor Area: 25 sqm.
Features: Bare Type
TCP:                     P600,100.00
Disc.                        40,000,00
Net TCP:           P560,000.00
Cash Outlay:         41,601.00
5 mos.                      4,160.00
MA- (30 yrs.)        P 4,154.00
Reservation Fee: P10,000.00

Amenities Like no Other:
- Basketball Court
- Swimming pool
- Elegant Clubhouse
- 24 hours Security
- Landscaped Parks and Playground
- very accessible, 30 mins. from Q.C. Hall and 1 ride from Cubao

Make your home your very own. A home where you can find solace from the hustles of life. Finding one shouldn't be too hard with Eastwood Residences, the ideal choice to make a lasting and beneficial long term investment for your family. It provides a safe, comfortable, beautiful and suitable living environment for everyone. Create your own haven. V…

Two Serendra THE MERANTI

The Meranti at Two Serendra, artist perspective

A toast to the good, greenlife

Raise your glasses to the fulfillment of the promise of 65% green at the flourishing community of Two Serendra. Wake up each day knowing you are in the city, but feeling like you are in the suburbs with the lushness and glorious water features that envelope and refresh you.

For BUYERS call: 221-8183/ 0919-4174862 Beng

TAMARA LANE Caloocan by Filinvest Land Inc.

Guardhouse of TAMARA LANE
"Life gets better everyday" 

Live in the lane of dreams where happiness and joy are everyday things and where a neighborly smile is commonplace. At Tamara Lane, your dreams of having a happy home are made real every single day.  

Facilities & Amenities: 
Landscaped Entrances
Gate & Guardhouse
Multipurpose Clubhouse
Adult & Kiddie swimming pool
Childrens playground
Tree park
Open Multipurpose court
Tree lined streets
Perimeter Fence

TAMARA LANE offers lot (175 sqm. minimum lot size) or house and lot (2-3 besdrooms)
Located along Gen. Luis, Baranggay Kaybiga, North Caloocan City
                                                          House Model Unit

For BUYERS  viewing call 0919-4174862 Beng Gomez


ZEN TOWERS of Solid Group Inc.

ZEN in the heart of Manila
Who says inner-city condos need to be small? Zen is the best-value luxury condominiums in Manila, giving you more space for your money's worth than other condominiums. Its high-cellinged31 to 59 sqm. units provide you with more than enough room to sprawl out, relax.

Get back more comfortable lying and gazing out through large panoramic windows to the entire metropolis from Sierra Madre mountains at sunrise to the Manila Bay at twilight.  All this luxury is yours at Zen Towers while living in the center of everything the city has to offer.
                                                  ZEN Towers Swimming Pool

HLURB No. 16645 & 15544

For BUYERS call: 221-8183/ 0919-4174862 Beng

AMETTA Place by ALVEO an Ayala Land Corp.

AMETTA PLACE is located along Mercedes Ave.,Brgy. San Miguel Pasig City, Philippines. It is also near in the Business districts of Ortigas, Makati, Bonifacio Global City and Quezon City.
- an intimate community of only 280 townhomes units over a 6.5 hectares area.
- small clusters design for privacy ( 3-6  units per clusters ) with modern architechture.

- modern clubhouse
- 3 main parks
- outdoor basketball court
- kiddie pool
- 2 kiddie playground
- gazebos
- biking and jogging trail
- Wi-Fi connectivity in passive park

Plan 127
2 storey
3 bedrooms
127 sqm. floor area/1,367 sq.ft.
91 sqm. lot area/979 sq.ft.
Plan 162
3 storey
3 bedrooms
162 sqm. floor area/1,743 sq.ft.
91 sqm. lot area/979 sq.ft.
Plan 183
3 storey
3 bedrooms
183 sqm. floor area/1,969 sq.ft.
117 sqm. lot area/1,259 sq.ft.

For buyers call: 0919-4174862 Beng Gomez

Brand New Units Php.1.875M

This brand new units are all ready for occupancy. Situated near TV5 and SM City Novaliches (and soon Robinson's Mall) with private and public facilities just a few steps like hospitals and schools.
Price: P1,875,000.00
2 Storey
3 Bedrooms
1 Toilet and Bath
For BUYERS call 221-8183/0919-4174862 Beng

AM Gomez Realty now on fb!


FOR SALE thru PAG-IBIG Financing

Single Detached House Model Location: Barangay Sto. Cristo San Jose del Monte, Bulacan Situated along Quirino H-way only 25 mins. drive from SM City Fairview (P20 PUJ fare) Lot Area-132sqm. Floor Area-96.05sqm. 3 Bedrooms/2 Toilet and Bath Reservation Fee- P50,000.00 PACKAGE PRICE: Php. 3,570,000.00 Discounted Price: P3,130,000.00* Equity & Processing Fee-P 218,000.00 12 months to pay............P  18,166.67 LOANABLE AMOUNT-     P 2,862,000.00 Monthly Amortization.....P   30,926.47 (20 years to pay)
For BUYERS call 0919-4174862 Beng

AM Gomez Realty & Property Management

-Real Estate Marketing 
-Real Estate General Brokerage
-Real Estate Transfer and Registration
-Real Estate Verification and Title Research
-Real Estate  Administration and Property Management

Mr. Arsenio Gomez
PRC Reg. No. 11346
Lic. Real Estate Broker
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PAREB-Caloocan Malabon Navotas Valenzuela Real Estate Board, Inc.