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True to its trademark of bringing "The Whole World In One City", South Forbes' notable distinction is its  international-themed residential clusters that reflect the unique cultural elements in homes and featured amenities.

     South Forbes' southern territory includes the Mediterranean Villas, which brings in the charm of the sun-drenched Spanish Mediterranean coast with a selection of quaint homes. The beauty and grandeur of the French capital has found a place in Chateaux de Paris, a neighborhood of charming chateaus built around themed gardens. Miami is a vibrant community of posh Moderne homes and a lush tropical landscape much like its Floridian counterpart.

     Northward, we can find Bali Mansions which promises a daily tropical resort lifestyle. The minimalism of Tokyo Mansions exudes a serene, contemplative environment that will inspire its residents to seek enlightenment. Phuket Mansions incorporates the sophistication and allure of Thailand with th…