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Ferndale Villas, Quezon City's Best-Kept Secret

Ferndale Villas
An Ayala Land's first and newest residential development in Quezon City. Ferndale Villas will let you relieve the experience of a distinct campus life you hold close to your heart.      Set against a backdrop of natural landscapes, open spaces and canopied walkways, come to this unique enclave of campus villas with refreshing amenities that foster family bonding. Enjoy living where your children are free to learn, live and love. (from Ferndale Villas pamplet)

Real Estate Service Act (RA 9646)

LEGAL REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PRACTICE OF REAL ESTATE SERVICE AN ACT REGULATING THE PRACTICE OF REAL ESTATE SERVICE IN THE PHILIPPINES, CREATING FOR THE PURPOSE A PROFESSIONAL REGULATORY BOARD OF REAL ESTATE SERVICE, APPROPRIATING FUNDS THEREOF AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. ARTICLE I. TITLE, DECLARATION OF POLICY AND DEFINITION OF TERMS SEC. 1. Title – These Rules shall be known as “THE IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS OF REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9646″, known as the “Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines”, in short, the “IRR of RA No. 9646″, or merely the IRR SECTION 2. Declaration of Policy – The State recognizes the vital role of real estate service practitioners in the social, political, economic development and progress of the country by promoting the real estate market, stimulating economic activity and enhancing government income from real property-based transactions. Hence, it shall develop and nurture through proper and effective regulation and supervision a corps of technically competent, …