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Magna Carta for Homeowners and Homeowners Association (R.A. 9904)

PAREB-CAMANAVAREB 120 Hours Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar (CRES)


Requirements for Reconstitution of Lost or Destroyed Real Estate Title

Requirements of reconstitution of lost or destroyed OCT
R.A. 26 , Section 2.Original Certificate of Title shall be reconstituted from such of the sources hereunder enumerated as maybe available, in the following order: 
(a) The owner's duplicate certificate of title; 
(b) The co-owner's, mortgagee's, or lessee's duplicate of the certificate of title; 
(c) A certified copy of the certificate of title, previously issued by the register of deeds or by a legal custodian thereof; 
(d) An authenticated copy of the decree of registration or patent, as the case may be, pursuant to which the original certificate of title was issued; 
(e) A document, on file in the registry of deeds, by which the property, the description of which is given in said document, is mortgaged, leased or encumbered, or an authenticated copy of said document showing that its original had been registered; and 
(f) Any other document which, in the judgment of the court, is sufficient and proper basis for reconst…