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Widus International Leisure Inc.

The WVC Serviced Residences Program is a full-serviced apartment program wherein members have the right to occupy 1 unit of the hotel and use it and its facilities until the expiry of their membership on October 2056, subject to renewal for another 25 years upon mutual agreement. As a member, you get the option of enrolling your respective units in the WVC RENTAL PROGRAM and earn profit.
Unit Prices:*
                  Unit Type                              Garden View                              Pool View
     Hotel Twin 29.5 sqm.                  Php.2,655,000.00                         Php.2,699,250.00
     Studio         43.5 sqm.                  Php.3,915,000.00                         Php.3,980,250.00
     1 Bedroom  57.5 sqm.                 Php.5,175,000.00                         Php.5,261,250.00
     Suite           73.0 sqm.                  Php.6,570,000.00                         Php.6,679,500.00
     2 Bedroom 87.0 sqm.                  Php.7,830,000.00                         Php.7,960,500.00
Perks and Privileges:*
- Owners have the option to enroll their units in the WVC Rental Program to maximize ownership when not in use
- Free year round use of the hotel's fitness centre and swimming pool for members dependents and two guests
- 25% discounts at the hotel coffe shop ( except room service, &/or corporate, group & social functions )
- 10% discounts on laundry, pressing and dry cleaning service
- 20% discounts on all service at the spa

*Subject to change without prior notice

Rental Program:
One of the priveledges of a Serviced Residece Member is the option to enroll their respective units in the WVC Rental Program. This program will allow the member to maximize his lease even when not in use.
When a member avails of the Rental Program option he shall be given 30 free nights up to a maximum of 90 nights for personal usage every year. The rest of the year, Hotel Vida shall have his unit rented out to paying hotel guests. Profit shall then be remitted to the member on the first semester of the next year. Profit shall of course be less all expenses such as operating cost, management fee, program fee, insurance, and other related expenses.
Rental Income:
- Members who enroll their units in the rental program shall receive profit on 70-30 sharing scheme
RENTAL INCOME = ( percentage interest of MEMEBER ) X ( 70% of Net Room Profit ) X ( Time Factor )

Example: Studio Unit:
Net Room Profit= ( 119 rooms X Php. 4,000 ave. room rate X 365 days ) X 60% occupancy - 50% Expenses = Php.52,122,000 
Percentage (%) Interest = 43.3 sqm. (studio)
                                               4,597 sqm. (total area)
                                             = 0.0095
Rental Income = 0.0095 X ( 70% of Php.52,122,000 ) 0.9178
                           = Php. 318,119.85 per annum
membership at hotel vida:
-vida circle     (Php.6,500.00/year)
-widus vacation club
 -serviced residences
Get your own slice of paradise. Join Widus Vacation Club!

Hotel Vida is located at Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles, Pampanga

For investors schedule viewing call (+632) 221-8183/ 0919-4174862 Beng  

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